Alchemical investigation

Welcome to the alchemical investigation

Legend tells that a fabulous teasure has been hidden by a crazy alchemist. In his secret notebook, he wrote the key clue to find the mysterious teasure thanks to natural elements: water, air, earth, fire… In teams, you are treasure hunters equipped with the necessary alchemy equipment. But your quest won’t be without any obstacles! Manipulate the potions in order to find the answer to the numerous enigmas. Be careful with your guide! You will have to coax him to convince him to help your team. Will you success in resolving this enigma?

1:30 to 2:30 hours

8 to 100+ persons

Make the natural elements speak

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The alchemical treasure hunt is an activity ingeniously combining tradition and techynology. Interactive and itinerant, this unusual team building will make use of your team talents! 


  • Progressive Team Building activity in teams
  • Each stage of the hunt is different
  • Teams compete with each other because there is only one treasure to find!
  • Discover the mysteries of the natural elements Découvrez les mystères des éléments naturels
  • One of our greatest successes since many years!


  • Introduction with our Alchimist
  • Alchemical manipulations
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Joint thinking
  • Discovery (or not) of the treasure…

Alchemical investigation at Château de garrevaques

During summer 2021, we organized an alchemical investigation at Chateau de Garrevaques in the South West of France. Participants with the help of the crazy alchemist’s notebook were looking for clues in the garden. Thanks to their guide and the chromatic wheel, they found the hidden treasure in one of the bushes.

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