Become secret agents


A secret agent should have talents and an exceptional training. However, in these troubled times, spy agencies are hiring secret agents who will become the intelligence gathering elite.

Your profile fits perfectly the recruiters’ expectations. If you survive this training, you will become the most versatile and efficient of the agents that it can be, far ahead from the CIA, the Mi6 or even the famous Mossad!

Participants will have to show mutual aid, listening skills and subtlety during this spying team building. In this explosive atmosphere, adaptation and dexterity will also be essential skills.

2 to 3 hours

25 to 200+ persons

Become a secret agent

Video Preview

Activity in teams, highly interactive and dynamic, with real actors and professional equipment: a must for team building activities!


  • Use of real lock picking material
  • Immersive and realist atmosphere
  • Each team will have to surpass themselves
  • Passionate expert staff
  • Leave with your “permit to kill”
  • Ideal activity to unite a team!


  • Bomb dismantling
  • Introduction to lock picking
  • Lasers infiltration
  • Minefield crossing
  • Poisons and poison controlet
  • Negotiation with a dictator…


Sneaking around, crawling, defusing, crocheting are a lot of amazing and varied abilities that the Adveo teams developed during this unusual team-building.

 All novices at their arrival, each left experienced and ready to cross any obstacle. The secret agent diploma, the famous «licence to kill», is a certificate that is earned; and for this different tests await you. You have to go through dangerous minefields, just aim with a real weapon, be attentive and meticulous and above all think carefully. In short, we must not be blind. So put on your best black glasses, here we go: the lesson to become James Bond or Ethan Hunt can begin. And if you survive, will you be willing to swear to protect and respect codes and laws, but especially to be bound to the Delta Force forever?!

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