Cardboard Formula 1

Cardboard formula 1 Introduction

Equipped with cardboard, sellotape, scissors, tablecloths… and our instruction booklet, you are going to build your own cardboard formula 1, by teams.

Customize it at your convenience and run to the finish line!

In a motorsport atmosphere, you will have 2 hours to create your vehicle. But in order to win, you must combine technique and artistic skills, and know how to manage your time!
Ready? Set, go!

half a day
20 to 150+ persons

Video Preview

A team building activity like no others.
Ready, set, go!


  • Developp the creative side of all teams
  • Ideal to tighten the ties between coworkers
  • Activity supervised by experts
  • Participants should unite to reach a common goal


  • Production of your vehicle
  • Customization as desired
  • Ultimate race between teams
  • The jury’s rating and winner announcement
  • The podium 

Formula 1 at Fort-Saint-André

At Fort Saint André in Salins les Bains, our clients chose this activity during their seminar. Our 13 competitors were then split into two teams ready to confront each other. They showed creativity and technique skills to consolidate their racing car.

At the end, team work is the most important!

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