Cocktails creation workshop


Everyone already heard about famous cocktails, such as Tequila Sunrise or Mojito. But which secrets hide behind these cocktails? How to make them at home? And above all, how to succeed to make the best cocktail? 

Exclusively with our expert barman, enter the cocktail creation workshop.

45 min to 1:30 hours

10 to 100+ persons

Create your own cocktail

Video preview

Together, create a unique and succulent cocktail, along the guidance of our qualified expert barman.


  • Only organic juices
  • Traditional bar techniques
  • Shakers and glasses provided
  • With or without alcohol
  • Leave with the recipe of your favorite cocktail!


  • Mixology introduction
  • Demonstration
  • Creation of a cocktail in teams
  • Sharing and compairing
  • Election of the best cocktail…

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