Coup d’État


Coup d’Etat is a thrilling game in which you will have to establish a common strategy. This game is ideal for developing decision-making and communication within a team.

Be prepared to heard about Grudavie, small banana republic!

In fact, its President abdicated and you’re now in charge to rule the country. Unfortunately, crisis to be resolved are piling up and the budget is insufficient. So what should we do?

Will you have the skills to overcome all of hardships? And above all, will you be able to maintain the good reputation of the government until the elections? Because force is not always the solution and popular discontent could lead to civil war!

1:30 to 2:15 hours

5 to 12 persons

Handle crisis repeatedly

Coup d’Etat Video Preview

Coup d’Etat is an original and satirical game. In a crisis atmosphere, players must optimize their budget and collaborate while competing to take the power.
But… together or solo?


  • Pack of bills symbolize the budgets 
  • Crisis are piling up, time is running out
  • Revealing game of temperaments
  • Ideal activity to challenge a team!


  • Introduction: game presentation
  • Discovery of crisis to manage
  • Distribution of government budget
  • Arrival of new crisis to handle
  • Crisis resolution
  • New president election…

grudavian ministers at aléos 

Minister of the Interior, Finance or Agriculture: these are the positions occupied by the members of the Aleos association in Alsace for an unusual team building activity.

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