Crime Scene


Put yourselves in the shoes of an expert of the forensic science. Put your gloves on, grab your safety glasses, turn on the UV lamp and explore all the possible clues on a Crime Scene.

2 to 3 hours

10 to 100 persons

Create an innovative work as a team

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Be at the heart of the action with “Crime Scene”, an activity that creates a perfect team cohesion among the groups.


  • Use of authentic material from the scientific police
  • Depending on the units: scientific rigour, sense of observation or even negotiation tactics are to be used
  • 22 years of experience in murder party 
  • Ideal activity to unite a team! 


  • Realistic crime scene
  • Witnesses and informer’s questioning
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Suspect’s police sketch creation
  • Study of fingerprints

Crime scene at the castle of Villersexel

More than 500 persons gathered in Villersexel during the animation of our crime scene event at the city castle in November 2019. For 3 days, equipped with their investigator’s booklet and professional tools, participants had to resolve the investigation while visiting the castle and its garden. In total immersion in their role, they had to learn how to analyze the victim’s blood type, to lift fingerprints, question the witnesses… At the end, the most performant team could integrate the ranks of our brigade!

Dear forensic science interns, be ready to solve a surprising police investigation. Cohesion and efficiency will be necessary in order to elucidate this mysterious death before the prosecutor arrives!
Yellow cones, police cap on your head, pass the yellow line to enter the heart of the matter: the crime scene. 
Through this progressive investigation, lift the fingerprints, note the clues, venture your hypothesis… From the microbiology laboratory to the suspect’s police sketch creation,
from the analysis of the blood group to the interrogation of the witnesses played by our professional actors…
An ideal activity for a business seminar, in which the afternoon will take an unexpected turn and the participants will have to work together toward a common goal in order to integrate the ranks of our exceptional brigade!

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