Disaster Trip

What is a “Disaster Trip”?

The concept of this disaster trip is as simple as surprising. At the beginning, participants think that they are going to a not really interesting place (examples: the teaspoon museum, or a meeting with the inventor of the clothespin).

During the journey, the bus engine starts to release a disturbing white smoke, the train inspector indicates that the tickets are not valid, the hotel is put in quarantine due to a termite invasion, etc.

Participants are invited to enter the theme presented by the organisers and their accomplices, to make them experience even more unusual events: training camp for special agents, crime scene to resolve, mafia family reunion, etc.

It’s from the surprise and the unexpected that the pleasure comes. This is how our incredible concept of “disaster trip” can energize your teams in a durable way through a really unusual team building.


10 to 50+ persons

Experience a real road movie

Video Preview

Will you be able to survive such a shift in the situation?


  • Original means of travel
  • Professional actors intervention 
  • Should be followed by an unusual activity
  • Surprise and originality
  • The group has to adapt to a shift in the situation


  • A car that doesn’t go where it should
  • A breakdown or an arrest during the journey
  • We continue by foot
  • Arrival on a place of investigation
  • Resolution of a case before the prosecutor arrives…

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