Duty Free

The Negotiation Serious Game:
Duty Free

The world of entrepreneurship opens its doors to you. Learn, play, dare. Negociate with your opponents to expand your market.

Your goal is to become the largest airport terminal contractor.

1.5 to 2 hours

10 to 40 persons

Set up an effective negotiation strategy

duty free


  • Dynamic activity in teams
  • Strategic game
  • Reflection and team coordination
  • Decision and and initiatives taking


  • Team strategy making
  • Establishment in terminals 
  • Negotiation management in real time
  • Overview on purchasing activities

ecm’s duty free

Negotiation, valuation, acceptance and compromise: these are all the skills that ECM students have acquired by participating in this serious game, intense and beneficial with a playful and 100% interactive side.

This animation puts the participants in the shoes of real negotiators, discussions are launched!
Only one goal: to have the most money, and for that you have to accept to lose at certain times. Between strikers, ruthless neighbors and lack of cash, everything is allowed to get the brand or franchise that pays the most. Then which one of you will be the finest negotiator, and will manage to sniff out good deals?

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