Escape Investigation


The alarm went off… you need to be attentive to the clues!

Steps by steps you will progress,                                                                                                                          together, the investigation you will solve                                                                                                              and the final solution you will find.


10 to 200+ persons

To develop your logical sense on an “Google resistant” investigation


  • Unique puzzles
  • Create team cohesion
  • You cannot use Google
  • Fun and unusual

The proceedings

  • Warm your brain
  • Work together as a team
  • Find the investigations
  • Speak to the witness
  • Solve the puzzle…or not!
  • Understand the point cloud

ESCAPE investigation with CERFRANCE

All of Cerfrance’s teams were present when the alarm went off!

Ready to solve all the puzzles and find their logo. Thanks to their great motivation but also a relentless logical sense they found the way to success.

The alarm goes off! The thief flees.

Thanks to a booklet, investigators can move step by step in this unusual team building. On the lookout for the slightest hint of water leaks or coded sentences: they even ran after a nun, a Santa and a punk dog to get to their end.

The puzzle was riddled with pitfalls, but by group they were able to move forward and find the company’s values, and also the numbers that allowed them to discover a surprise in the middle of a cloud. Amazing!

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