Green Ca$h

An economical and environmental challenge: Green Cash

In Green Cash, each team represents a multinational, which goal is to maximize profits.

But ecology and environmental conservation are essential. Success also lies in ecological issues involvement and the choice of substainable actions.

Cause at the end, only one group will win: teams with the less Ecological Prestige will be eliminated. Among the others, the richest team will win!

This simulation of fictitous companies provides a better understanfding of the current challenges faced by companies.
The teams will be able to develop their management skills through a stimulating game and by establishing a common strategy.

2 to à 2:30 hours

25 to 200+ persons

Become the richest multinational while respecting the environment

Green Cash is an ecological, interactive and digital challenge, animated by professionals guests.


  • Game implicating interactions and digital
  • Anchors principles of substainable development
  • Negotiation in real time
  • Each team has to co-ordinate
  • Immersive and competitive Serious Game

How to win?

  • During the game, different “contracts” will be auctioned
  • Some bring cash, some others ecological prestige
  • Negotiate contracts and resources
  • Scores are being displayed in real-time
  • Adapt your strategy consistantly

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