Happy garden gnomes’ ballad


Following Pekin Express, 10Torsions presents you the “Garden Gnome Express” : the out of the ordinary version of orientation rallies.

Designed by a passionate team, this team building activity uses the principles of classic orienteering games but with enigmatic garden gnomes!

1 to 2 hours

8 to 100 persons

Experience a unusual rallye as a team

Video Preview

“Garden Gnome Express” is an interactive and itinerant team building activity, original and ludic.

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  • Out of the ordinary and ludic rally
  • Off-beat humour
  • Dexterity, reflection and tricks in teams
  • High spirit atmosphere!


  • Dividing up in teams
  • Meeting with garden gnomes
  • Enigmas and challenges with each garden gnome
  • Take a selfie with your favorite gnome
  • Finish with a happy gnome throw 
  • Scores and debriefing

joker like our garden gnomes

Archibald, Bernie, Clayton and Darwin? These are some of the many garden gnomes that Eurofins teams have met. Playful and facetious, the dwarves led them on an original walk full of challenges: this original animation is not without good surprise. 

Our pranksters will make this team building even more fun. But you won’t do all this without a goal! A treasure containing something precious to you awaits you. Then will you be up to the dwarves?

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Happy garden gnomes’ ballad

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad


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