Immersive Murder Party


During the last 20 years, we became experts in murder party.
With the immersive murder party, you’re not only spectators: you are the actors of the investigation.

Playing a role is easy and pleasant. The characters are intentionally stereotyped (thriller, espionage,…) and with the help of our professional actors, the immersion is complete.

2 to 3 hours

10 to 40 persons

be at the heart of the story

Simply the best in terms of murder parties: everyone interprets a character of the story and has to interact with the others to reach his goal.

We can also create a Murder Party scenario tailored to your needs, at your request.


  • Everyone plays a specific character
  • Interactions in real time
  • Negociation, discussion, diplomacy
  • Several scenarios available
  • Teasing with some documents gradually sent to the players in advance
  • The best in terms of team building activities!


  • Everyone discovers his character and his secrets (before the D-Day)
  • Start of the game and interactions
  • A murder takes place!
  • Participants investigate
  • Case solving… or not!

Villersexel’s chronicle murder party

We organized a murder party themed on the Villersexel’s chronicle at the castle of the same name in November 2021. This murder party is based on the success series Bridgerton. Participants are invited to the engagement of the Duke of Laugarais and the Lady of Villersexel. Immersed in the Georgian era, they will have to play their role in order to complete their goals. But the reception will not go as planned…

Other murder party activities

Immersive Murder Party

Immersive Murder Party

Murder Party

Vibrate at the heart of the plot

2 to 3 hours

10 to 40 pers.

A dead body and the bill

A dead body and the bill

Evening animation Murder Party

Investigation dinner show

during a seated dinner

50 to 200+ pers.

100% Suspects

100% Suspects

Collaborative Murder Party

The culprit is among us!

45min to 1:30 hours

50 to 300+ pers.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Best-Seller Challenge Collaborative Murder Party

Scientific police crime investigation

2 to 3 hours

10 to 100 pers.