Mafia Business

Mafia Business

Welcome to the sulphurous world of the Mafia!

Each group represents a mafia, and aims to become the most powerful. For this to happen, you must negociate and face the banker to achieve your goals.

Cash and market shares of any type of traffics will be traded frenetically! 

At the end, only one mafia will win…

1:15 to 1:45 hours
25 to 100+ persons
Negotiation, coordination and diplomacy

Video Preview

Mafia Business is a game of negotiation, exchanges and bluff, in a second degree atmosphere. This activity helps to create a team cohesion in a negotiation and competition context.


  • Irony atmosphere
  • Negotiation in real time
  • Each team has to co-ordinate
  • Immersive team building

How to win?

  • Really simple: become the most powerful Mafia!
  • How? By negociating different traffics
  • Exchange the Joconde with stolen diamonds, or drugs with organ trafficking!
  • Be ready to adapt to the situation at any moment

3, 2, 1… be ready to enter this mad dash, complete the tasks before the time limit and exchange with the banker in order to become the most powerful mafia!
This game will encourage the players to negotiate with the adverse mafias, take risks and decisions while developping a team cohesion bewteen the participants.

Negotiation, exchange and adaptation game, in a second degree atmosphere.

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