Massive Destruction

Team Building Introduction

Massive destruction or how to release your stress by destructing the provided material in order to be serene to move forward in the future..

Then, after expelling your energy one by one, build something innovative together!

Collect the fragments to create a colorfyul fresco. Free to you to choose the result: company logo, seminar message or free creation from a theme.

1 to 2 hours
20 to 300+ persons
Create an innovative oeuvre in teams

Massive destruction Video Preview

An innovative destressing concept combining creativity and recycling. Guaranteed success!


  • Design a group creation
  • Present your creation to other teams
  • Participants unite for a common project which requires creativity, technique and team cohesion
  • Teams leave with their creation!


  • Safety instructions
  • Individual destruction phase
  • Reflection on the theme
  • Team creation
  • Work presentation

Massive destruction in Marseille

A great exemple of intense release followed by a reconstruction phase during the realisation of our animation in Marseille in 2021. Participants had to cooperate with their teammates and think about a creation on a given theme, then present it to the group.

Destroy to rebuild better!

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