Murder at The Wine Company


The corporate director of The Wine Company was found murdered. the circumstances surrounding the death are still unclear. Police are holding 6 persons back, that are considered both witnesses and suspects. One of them is certainly guilty. But who? Madam Red? Mister Purple?

The investigation can start. You must find who is the murderer, his motive, the weapon used and what time did the crime happen. You will find clues by questioning the suspects. 

1:30 to 2:15 hours

25 to 150+ persons

Questioning the suspects of a giant Cluedo

The Wine Company is an interactive investigation in teams which brings out qualities of collaboration and negotiation by the mutualisation of talents. Suspects are being played by professionnals actors for an exceptional finish.


  • Direct interaction with real actors
  • Suspects give informations about other suspects
  • Search for the murder weapon
  • Ideal activity to develop talents of negotiation!


  • Discovery of the crime to be solved 
  • Meeting with each suspect successively
  • Questioning and cross-checking
  • Conclusions and solving of the murder…

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