Seeking for 6th sense

“Intellectualy sexy”

What if the 6th sense, would be to know that the 5 others are lying to you? Or, more precisely, that your brains sometimes cheats, without your knowledge…

While going through the different workshops, you’re going to challenge your senses and your memory. You will then realise that you have limits but also that some bias can play tricks on you.

Together, will you be able to discover the 6th sense through this unusual and non-competitive team building?  

1:30 to 2:15 hours

10 to 100+ persons

Be more subtle than your brain!

Video Preview

Led by enthusiasts of cognitive biases, discover how your brain fools you about your senses!  This collective discovery is played out as a team.


  • Original team building, in teams 
  • Interaction, surprise and collaboration
  • Find the 6th sense
  • Memory, orientation, team spirit?
  • Already adored by numerous companies!


  • Test your taste by shutting off your other senses
  • review your judgment on your senses
  • Get away from the frameword define by your certainties
  • Choose the best of your team for each step
  • Surprise yourself…

tHE 6TH SENS OF enedis

Finding its 6° meaning by deepening the other 5 is what the members of the ENEDIS team in Belfort tried to achieve during this incredible and original animation.

Without their other meanings, participants have no choice but to use the one they have left… or at least try to use the only one available to them. Down with prejudice, we show you the importance and usefulness of the senses, and perhaps even develop a new one. The senses of balance, the sense of celebration, the sense of colour… and you, what is your 6°sense?

Other challenges

Escape investigation

Escape investigation

Best-Seller Challenge Collaboratif Collaborative More outstanding

come conduct the investigation


10 to 200+ pers.

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad


Experience an unusual rally

1 to 2:30+ hour+

8 to 100 pers.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Best-Seller Challenge Collaborative Murder Party

Scientific police crime investigation

2 to 3 hours

10 to 100 pers.

Seeking for 6th sense

Seeking for 6th sense

Challenge Collaborative

Rediscover your senses in a new light!

1:30 to 2:30 hours

10 to 100+ pers.