Serious Games & Training


Our vocation : acquire soft skills & knowledges
Our tool : precise and intelligent serious games
Our motivation : challenge the skills of your teams

Ideally integrated in a training scheme, our Serious Games employ the staging, practical situations and accessories to lead the participants in an universe in which they can and should use defined skills: soft skills or specific knowledge…


Challenge the participants

Reinforce soft skills


Apply our playful expertise

“Serious Game is a tactical role-playing”

Discover our expertise in Serious Game

Gamification is the use of a play vector to enforce an objective: in this situation, training and its accreditation.

The best way to test skills is through the game! 

Coup d’État

Coup d’État

Challenge Serious Game

Managing repetitive crises

1:30 to 2:15 hours

5 to 12 pers.

Green Cash

Green Cash

Challenge Serious Game

Become the richest while respecting the environment

2 to 2:30 hours

25 to 250+ pers.

Mafia Business

Mafia Business

Best-Seller Challenge More outstanding Serious Game

Negotiation, coordination and adaptation

1:15 to 1:45

25 to 100+ pers.

Duty Free

Duty Free

Collaborative Serious Game

Become the greatest entrepreneur

1:30 to 2 hours

10 to 60 pers.