Unique project: a custom made service  

Unique project?

Because each project is different and requires some reflective thoughts, we work alongside you, stone by stone, to create the most fitting and unique project for your team. Want something outstanding, unusual and suprising? An event that sticks out ? You’re in luck, because that’s what we want too.

The main quality of custom-made projects are their authenticity.  Therefore, each project should be different from one other. Your ambitions, paired with our 20-year-old expertise, our duty of advise, as well as a certain vision of outrageousness will be the cornerstone of the success of your unique project. 

Free choice

From 1 person to 99+

To share something unique and exceptional

The process

A shared vision

First and foremost, we need to know your desires and your objectives. Thus, after discussing with you, we establish a shared vision of your project. Your dreams and our experience enable us to create a unique game which will operate without fail. This shared vision enable us to create the “bible”, which is the project’s anchor.

The production

With this first version, we can create a prototype. After verification of the game mechanic, the production and the trials, we look for the last details to improve, do the last adjustments and that’s it… it’s here, it’s ready, it’s beautiful!
Your game is available!

The development

Once the foundations are laid, we enter the development stage. Step by step, we shape together your project. We start by listing the project’s technicalities (the duration, the topic, number of participants, difficulty level, etc). Then, using innovative brainstorming methods, we imagine the game mechanics, its aspect and the different scenarios possible. Your project is taking shape.


There it is, you can now enjoy your game. We assure you its handover. We are also at your service if you need help. Need an actor? A game master? A coordinator? Customer service? We are here to answer to your needs and questions.

The Advantages

  • A real custom-made project
  • Fitted to your needs
  • Our expertise and savoir-faire
  • Solo or in a group
  • Will long be remembered

Some examples

  • False arrest in city center
  • Privatisation of a “Vauban” fort for a Harry Potter themed week-end
  • Tanks and armoured vehicles race
  • Life-size investigation game themed  rockband and the 80s
  • Serious game on attention to weak signals
  • Mystical escape game in a castle


Escape investigation

Escape investigation

Best-Seller Challenge Collaboratif Collaborative More outstanding

come conduct the investigation


10 to 200+ pers.

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad


Experience an unusual rally

1 to 2:30+ hour+

8 to 100 pers.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Best-Seller Challenge Collaborative Murder Party

Scientific police crime investigation

2 to 3 hours

10 to 100 pers.

Seeking for 6th sense

Seeking for 6th sense

Challenge Collaborative

Rediscover your senses in a new light!

1:30 to 2:30 hours

10 to 100+ pers.