Easy DIY


Easy DIY… and pallets come to life! Come recycle your pallets and use its planks to create useful objects yourself! Guided by a specialist, you are therefore using natural and untreated wood, as our ancestors already did, but with modern tools of course!

1 to 2:30 hours

10 to 200+ persons

Create together while recycling

Video preview

Together, building and helping each other to succeed with your own hands, in a modern approach to ecology: that’s a hit!  


  • Addictive and ecological activity
  • Depending on the steps: rigour, observation, precision, creativity, mutual aid, tradition or technique
  • Ideal activity to collaborate on a specific theme, ecological and useful!


  • Activity introduction
  • Learn how to dismantle a pallet
  • Prepare the plans
  • Cut the planks
  • Carry out manufacturing
  • Present the team creation

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