Run for the White House


Are you willing to do anything to make your candidate accede to the presidence of the United States of America? But be careful: the campaign budget is limited!

Because each decision is important. The Americans’ fate is in your hands, and at the end of the game, only one party will win the White House! Therefore, in this frantic presidential race, each participants are implicated and involved

1:45 to 2:30 hours

30 to 120+ persons

Budget management and compromises in teams

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Recognized by the experts as the best team building of its kind!
With “Run for the White House”, participants should optimise and collaborate towards a common goal. 


  • Hosted by an energetic enthusiast
  • Multiple team game
  • Truly immersive: dollars and flags everywhere
  • Ideal activity to unite a team! 


  • Dividing up in teams: democrats and republicans
  • Unveiling of the campaign objectives
  • Budget attribution
  • Debates in front of the electors
  • Election results

candidate leclercs it’s your turn

Lively debates, suspense, decisions, lies, tensions… No, this is not a reality show but the American presidential elections that we were able to attend at Leclerc. 

With two parties, 15 states, three debates, $200,000 but only one seat in the White House! Which projects do you think will be worth the effort, which of them will get you the most votes? Careful because the competition is tough and on the lookout. Interact? Sometimes you have to: even with your sworn enemy, but don’t always trust. So who’s gonna make their candidate THE new owner of the White House?

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