Lego™ Challenge


For over 50 years, the well-known little plastic brick has helped to bring imagination and creativity to life.
A huge stock of real Lego bricks, made upo f several thousands of pieces is at your disposal!
Characters, colorful bricks of all kinds… Lego bricks allow for a real inventive and constructive richness.
Get started in this unique competition!

1:45 to 2:15 hours

30 to 200+ persons

In teams, give life to the team spirit that drives you!

Video Preview

The Lego Challenge is animated by a referee presenter, as well as an artistic advisor, who will help you through the different stages of this original activity! 

5 étoiles


  • Progressive team building, in teams
  • Creativity and constructive challenge
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Initiatives and decision making
  • Resolutely quirky and highly addicting!


  • TV game show atmosphere with an energetic animator
  • Build a vehicle in your likeness
  • Confront other groups during an architect challenge
  • Create your domino-day… with Lego bricks!
  • Gain points with our Lego challenges

the challenge lego of Belfort

It is a return to childhood for the teams of Belfort who rediscovered through a fun and competitive activity the small multicolored bricks with which we can build what we want.

For this activity, we innovated, and to win the participants also had to surpass themselves in order to be the smartest and find the most original ideas. Far from the classic Lego construction, the participants were faced with several interactive challenges, with only one winning group each time: the best in technique, practice and aesthetics. Between strange vehicle and address, fun is guaranteed!

Other challenges

Escape investigation

Escape investigation

Best-Seller Challenge Collaboratif Collaborative More outstanding

come conduct the investigation


10 to 200+ pers.

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad

Happy garden gnomes’ ballad


Experience an unusual rally

1 to 2:30+ hour+

8 to 100 pers.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Best-Seller Challenge Collaborative Murder Party

Scientific police crime investigation

2 to 3 hours

10 to 100 pers.

Seeking for 6th sense

Seeking for 6th sense

Challenge Collaborative

Rediscover your senses in a new light!

1:30 to 2:30 hours

10 to 100+ pers.