“At Home” Escape Game


An Escape Game at home is an excellent way to unite a team through an original challenge. Here, it’s the game that comes to you: we install it in a closed room that you put at our disposal.

In teams of 2 to 5 players, you will have 30 minutes to solve the enigma and walk away being successful… or not! Which team will be the fastest?

30-minutes sessions + 5 minutes of “reset”

2 to 5 persons at once

solve the enigmas within a limited time

A must for cooperative play: an Escape Game !
A notorious crook has gathered an enormous loot. Take advantage of his absence to steal his fortune!

We can also design an entirely custom-made escape room activity on demand.

It’s not only about locks!

Far from the first generation Escape Game, we don’t just make you open locks. It will be necessary to appeal to your collective intelligence in order to thwart our enigmas!

Our game is supervised by a Game Master who can give clues if needed, in order to progress in the different stages of this original activity!


  • The game comes to you, in your premises
  • Activity in teams, step by step
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Initiatives and decision-making
  • Resolutely addictive

Other challenges

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Escape investigation

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come conduct the investigation


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